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Metal sculptor and mixed media artist James Moore is a graduate of the CHF Art-Business Accelerator. Influenced by Isamu Noguchi, Henry Moore, and Alberto Giacometti, his greatest influence continues to be the human spirit as expressed through movement and gesture. Moore’s artistic focus has expanded to explore universal themes that we can all identify with, no matter our age or background. His studio practice includes significant public sculpture projects that address issues of community and connection: he was commissioned for the Seymour Street Plaza Sculpture Project in Montclair, New Jersey; created “Star Gazers” for Hyatt House Hotel in Cupertino, California; and was selected as the finalist for the Victory Park public sculpture project in his new home of Stockton, CA. Moore’s life and work have taken many interesting turns, including a stint in banking and a shorter stint as a competitive bodybuilder. His greatest desire is to share with the world his optimistic view of what it means to be human. jamesmoorecontemporaryart.com

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