Daniel DiGriz (2024)

Daniel DiGriz

Director of Audience Development & Education Host of The Thriving Artist Podcast

Turning Ideas Into Action

“All progress depends on the unreasonable man.” – Shaw


Daniel led a uniformed platoon in high school, winning his command with one shot. He is confident, opinionated, and upfront—but make no mistake, he’s full of integrity and soul! He’ll tell you you’re wrong (or brilliant) to your face, but he’d also protect you in a street fight.

With CHF

Daniel has filled a reservoir of experience leading corporate sales teams and education initiatives while moonlighting as a serial entrepreneur. He is a corporate storyteller and digital ecologist® who speaks frequently at public events. He is the founding host of The Thriving Artist™ podcast.

What the Team Says

“Daniel is an idea machine – he takes our core objectives, forms a solid plan, and and leads execution in a way that moves the needle for stakeholders, team, and end-users.”


Daniel spent a decade in corporate sales and conducting B2B corporate training for Fortune 500 brands, has an M.Ed. in instructional technology and 30 years of global instructional experience. His ideas have been elaborated in Inc, Forbes, and Success Magazine.

Other Work

Daniel is Digital Ecologist® and Corporate Storyteller at MadPipe®. He puts good ideas in front of a broader market with brand messaging, corporate story, and sales-aligned marketing campaign direction. MadPipe® drives sales execution for a company the way a campaign manager champions a political campaign. He prioritizes winning. He is also co-founder of Free Agent Source, Inc.—the consulting firm that delivers enterprise projects through direct relationships with consultants.

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