Art-business Incubator

A Virtual Art-Business Residency = our term for an incubator

How It Works

  • Hands on with the instructors
  • Small group sessions
  • 1 on 1 attention and collaboration
  • Output is a full business plan including: Career Blueprint, Sales Strategy, Brand Story, and Action Plan

Your Interest

Tell us your thoughts!



  • 3-Month Virtual Program
  • Hands-on interactive work with CHF instructors
  • Three cohorts per year.
  • Maximum 12 Participants, selected via application process
  • Weekly training - 90 minutes with homework
  • Semi-weekly Labs
  • Multiple instructors skilled in CHF nine practice areas
  • Focus on core business competencies: Career Blueprint, Action Plan, Sales Strategy, Brand Story/Marketing
  • 2 Private consultations or reviews
  • Bi-weekly peer group discussion sessions
  • CHF Digital Campus membership for one year
  • Eligibility for CHF Fellow Guide and Ambassador programs
  • Inclusion in Accelerator virtual group show and Dedicated CHF website profile
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